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Two Churches, One Pastor?
Benjamin and his wife Sunhee are the pastors of both Living Hope Christian Center in Emeryvillle and Ark Ministries of Berkeley, both centrally located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Benjamin and Sunhee are the founding pastors of Living Hope, having planted the church with a handful of people in January of 2004. However, they're time at the Ark has only just begun as they were appointed as its pastors in September of 2011. To Benjamin and Sunhee, the Ark and Living Hope are two equally loved children that God has given the to parent. The two churches are unique in many ways, yet they are similar in others. While Living Hope is so racially diverse that there is virtually no sense of ethnic predominance, the Ark is about 85% Asian. While the majority of the members of the Ark are under 30 and more than half are UC Berkeley students, the average member of Living Hope is about 35 years old and you'll find every age group represented there from infants to the aged. While there are many other differences that could be observed, there are two notable similarities between them that make them a perfect pair: they both highly value the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit, and they both have the same pastor!

Benjamin's Philosophy of Ministry
While Benjamin recognizes the uniqueness of each house, he applies the same philosophy of ministry in his leadership of both houses. That philosophy of ministry can be described as a marriage between word and Spirit, truth and experience. While it is easy to stray from the truth of Scripture in pursuit of experiences of the Spirit, it is also easy to neglect the power of the Spirit in pursuit of right doctrine. There needn't be a dichotomy between the two. In fact, the Scripture bears witness to the fact that we are supposed to see powerful manifestations of the Spirit on a regular basis. To neglect these power encounters is to neglect the Scriptures! In other words, as we are brought deeper into the truth of Scripture, we are simultaneously brought deeper into the flow of the power of the Spirit, and we should expect to see this power manifest in signs and wonders, in miracles and mighty deeds, and in various gifts of the Holy Spirit that enrich us in every way!

Benjamin has two objectives: to strengthen the minds and hearts of the sons and daughters of God so that they can be empowered to be strong in the power of God in any and every situation having been established in the truth of the word of God, and to immerse the sons and daughters of God into the life-giving flow of the Spirit of God so that they are brought into face to face encounters with God and know him intimately and deeply. Whether he is ministering to the Ark or to Living Hope, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, this is what Benjamin reaches for!

Descriptions of Both Churches
What follows is a brief description of each church including information that you may find useful concerning the specific vision and mission of each. Also included are links to their respective websites and podcasts. Benjamin preaches at the Ark on Saturday nights and at Living Hope on Sunday mornings.

Living Hope Christian Center is a dynamic, multi-ethnic, life-giving church in the heart of the Bay Area. The ethos of the ministry is world missions, and thus Living Hope actively trains and sends out short-term and long-term missionaries to countries including Indonesia, Cambodia, Thai Land, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Mexico and more.

Mission & Vision Statements
Living Hope's mission is provide the most powerful encounter with God imaginable through word, worship and fellowship for people from all walks of life.

Living Hope's vision is to be a Spirit-centered, word-filled gathering of passionate worshippers who pray fervently, love intentionally and who's hearts burn to see Jesus and to reflect his glory to every creature under heaven.

Service Times and Location
Living Hope Meets at 4550 San Pablo Ave in Emeryville, CA.
Thursday Thunder: 6:30pm (dinner), 7:15pm (service)
Sunday Morning: 9:00am (1st service), 11:15am (2nd service)

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The Ark is a Christ-centered, Spirit-led community of young adults and students who are going hard after Jesus. Who we are is defined by His incredible love for us and this truth is central to what makes up the Ark. Our culture is simple: we want to meet God. Every meeting, that's our goal, to welcome His amazing presence and encounter the living God. 

Mission & Vision Statements
The Ark's mission is to raise up a generation of sons and daughters of God who rest in his love, reach for his purpose, and reign in his authority.

The Ark's vision is to be an establishing, covering, and sending community for sons and daughters of God who are being empowered to take nations as their inheritance.

Service Times and Location
The Ark meets at Christ Church in Berkeley: 2138 Cedar St, Berkeley CA 
Saturday evenings at 6:30pm

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